Monday, February 10, 2020

Ted Talks Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 words

Ted Talks - Essay Example Brooks seeks to find out if we can balance these two selves. I do believe that we can balance the two selves since us human beings need morals, which are the external logic to attain a reward which is part of the internal logic. I strong concur with Jeremy Kasdin in his video titled â€Å"The flower-shaped starshade that might help us detect Earth-like planets.† With the universe and every star in the galaxy surrounded by planets, there is need to find out which of these planets harbor life. Kasdin, with a team of scientists who support his cause, are to come up with an extraordinary invention which will be positioned 50,000 Km from a telescope. They call it the flower petal-shaped â€Å"starshade.† This extraordinary piece of science will help reduce the diffracting light thus making planets visible in the dim space and thus help further studies on them. This breakthrough in science and technology will enable astronomers determine the capabilities of planets in the solar system to harbor life. For me it is one the best innovation ever. Allan Adams in his video titled, â€Å"The discovery that could rewrite physics† explains that in the night sky there exists stars and further away galaxies. However, much further away, there is nothing visible. Afterwards, a faint, fading afterglow representing the â€Å"Big bang† is prevalent according to Adams. Big bang according to Adam marked the era in the formation of the universe which happened million years ago. Adam goes on to compare the universe with a large bubble surrounded by something and calls this inflation. This serves as an idea of the Big bang theory of the formation of the universe. Adams goes on to explain what it means in a physics theoretical way by using a hammer and bell as an example. In my opinion, I find the idea theoretical and applicable for science and not Christianity and its beliefs. I strongly

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