Saturday, March 14, 2020

Save money for the weekend. Perfect strategies

Save money for the weekend. Perfect strategies 5 simple ways to save money on a night out We know that staying up late is a necessary part of student life, but we do not blame you. Having analyzed the perfect party strategy for both undergraduates and seniors, we’ve found out there are ways you can save money and still be able to socialize with friends when Friday comes. Stock up on carbs. If buying expensive food, filled with carbs, is your guilty pleasure, try stocking up on kebabs and burgers beforehand. That hot dog may seem like a good idea once you are at a party, but you do not know the real price of a thing, or whether you really need it at this very moment. You may also want to have a snack right before the party, so you don’t gobble up food once you are there. It is highly inadvisable to sip on your drinks on an empty stomach, as it may cause indigestion later, when you are coming home with your friends and college mates from uni. Prepare food ahead of time. You may want to eat a horse right after you come back from a party, so we recommend a few slices of pizza to be bought beforehand, so you won’t have to wake up your dorm to the sound of fire alarm! Nobody wants to become the guy who is setting the place on fire because he is too tired to make the dinner properly. In case you know you are going to be hungry upon return, stock up on pre-prepared foods the night before. Turn up early. Students don’t have an opportunity to pay high entry fees, so it would be a good move to come to the club when there is no one around. We know it sounds ridiculous to hit the place with only a couple of dudes at the bar, but believe us, you would be really thankful when it’s finally midnight and you have the privilege of paying a reduced price for your entry ticket. Besides, you can always tell your friends it was you who started all the action on the dance floor! Act like a celebrity. If you don’t want to pay for your entry ticket, try to interact with the party headliners and butter them with the promises of a packed dance floor and your crazy friends bringing cash into their pockets. They are usually very careful about maintaining a perfect reputation, so they will definitely sort you out among other students and provide your group with a VIP card to make the evening more pleasurable. There might be some kind of face control at the entrance of the club, so distinguishing a familiar face or two won’t hurt. Set a budget. Though we may have different incomes and side jobs, setting a party budget will help you control the costs and come home early if you hit your credit card maximum. Now, they have prepaid options and mobile applications that allow you to monitor your money waste. Once you reach a certain limit and can spend no more, the program sends a direct message to your phone and you now it’s time to get going. We may sound like helicopter parents now, but checking on your credit card from time to time can save you money and help pay off your student loan in the future. When you are in the center of social life at the university and feel like the heart and soul of the company, it may be hard to observe, but you will certainly thank yourself later, when it’s time to cover the costs and make an annual payment.

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